It is the subject of jokes and even the popular wit has invented various ingenious synonyms to describe it, but erectile dysfunction (DE) – the inability to achieve or maintain an erection satisfactory – is not to take it to joke. For those who suffer from it atleast is a very serious matter. It not only precludes him for sex, but that it sullies their self-esteem; that when is not a symptom of something even worse, such as heart disease or diabetes. It is a more common problem than believe: that of moderate or complete (not a “prick” occasionally) affect 8% of men over 40 years, and 40% of those who have already met 60, according to the International Journal of Impotence Research. (And those are only those who dare to confess it in the polls).

The famous Blue pills, marketed since 1998, were (and are) a ray of hope; without, however, its possible side effects, its high price and, why not say it, the embarrassment posed for some to go buy them, make that sometimes will seek the solution away from pharmacology. And here comes the good news: Yes, there are natural remedies to forget the persistent flaccidity. These are the recommendations of the experts.

1 eat (long) olive oil

Increase the consumption of “liquid gold”, fruits, vegetables, pasta… and all that encompasses the acclaimed Mediterranean diet. It is good for the heart and, precisely, cardiovascular disorders are behind many episodes of of that impotence is not the disease but symptom. “80% of Ed cases are caused by vascular problems”, claimed in ed reverser pdf, in December 2014 in Austria. Keeping blood pressure and cholesterol it will succeed in improving their sexual activity. “Testosterone in fat will turn on female hormones, and cholesterol decreases the flow of blood reaching the penis,” warns Dr. Natalio Cruz, national coordinator of the Group of Andrology of the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU).

2. turn off the cigarette

Men who smoke are more likely to be affected by the, and many more cigarettes smoking, the greater the risk. That holds a study of 2007 from Tulane University (Louisiana, USA). The analysis, based on a review conducted more than 7,000 men in Chinabetween 2000 and 2001, adding that 22.7% of cases of dysfunction in that countrywere attributable to tobacco use.

3. move (but not on bike)

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, is not lying on the couch. The sport will improve your blood circulation and, therefore, its performance. “With exercise we will get our vascular tree ready to carry blood to all organs, including the penis,” explainsDr. Cruz. Any discipline is good, except the cycling. “The saddles traumatize the perineum, and the arteries that carry blood to the penis are damaged. Even create that feeling of numbness in the Glans that have some cyclists,”he stressed.

80% of Ed cases are caused by vascular problems”(Athanasios Angelis, cardiologist)
4. give a chance to the herbalist

Arginine is an amino acid that increases necessary blood flow to the sexual act. So says the writer of medical topics Victoria Dolby Toews in his book sexual potency (Ed.Nowtilus). Arginine is found in foods rich in protein such as soy, brown rice, chicken,nuts and dairy products; and, of course, plenty of vials of herbalist. This specialist is recommended to take two to five grams of arginine by night or an hour before sexual intercourse.

The same author says that some plants have aphrodisiac powers: increase the desireand the power. And it cites more than half a dozen, including yohimbe, ginkgo and,of course, ginseng; extracts that activate blood flow in general (some are not recommended for hypertensive). “Ginseng”, Victoria Dolby Toews says in his book, “encourages the production of hormones related to sex as testosterone.”

5. relax: meditate

Stress is responsible for many health disorders, also of the of. And not only that: impotence can generate stress who suffers from it, so it is a vicious circle. “Stress is a discharge of adrenaline and this closes the arteries that arrive to the penis; in a Stateof stress no one can have an erection”, says Dr. Natalio Cruz.

Try to stay away from anxiety: relax, practice breathing exercises regularly, try to disconnect from work and sensitivities the problems. You can see how rise you the mood.

6. make love much

It is clear that this is a preventive measure: If you can do it, will how demons repeated? However, scientists from the University Hospital in Tampere (Finl